Přístaviště "U JEZU"

Centrum vodní turistiky Hodonín


We are open every day
Mon-Thu od 12:00 do 22:00 
Fri od 12:00 do 24:00 
Sat od 10:00 do 02:00 
Sun od 10:00 do 22:00

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Log-cabin restaurant

Newly reconstructed log-cabin restaurant is opened every day.
The capacity of log-cabin is 75 seats and it offers meals, drinks, music etc. 
Once you get drink, you can continue in having fun into early morning hours near campfire . 
In the area there is a teepee with campfire (barbecueing , grilling).
The total capacity of landing place is 1000 customers, 300 out of 1000 seats are roofed. In the landing place there is also a country bar with capacity of 200 - 500 persons, and every Saturday we have a country music performance.

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